Friday, March 12, 2010

things i want right now - part 9

from top left
1. charles anastase x linda farrow sunnies $340 - i wont buy sunnies over $300, but that doesnt mean you cant buy them for me!
2. smythe summer surplus jacket $650 - shocking... i want ANOTHER smythe jacket.
3. HEEB magazine $12.50 - a. dying that there is a 'heeb' magazine. b. OMG jason segel is on the cover of a magazine, must have.
4. sass&bide raison d'etre tee $110 - have to have something sass on here.
6. louis vuitton denim shawl $450 - after my style icon wore it.. i must have.
7. caramel frappachino - because i can ALMOST feel summer coming
8. lanvin pom pom sandals $585 - seriously how f'ing cute are these?
9. jonathan adler X bench $595 - loooooves it. but i need 2.
10. 3.1 phillip lim edie bag $700 - honestly havent we all wanted this after r. bils was seen with it??? of course it is sold out.
11. 3.1 phillip lim shorts $275 - don't know if i would ever wear them... but i really want them


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