Monday, November 23, 2009

dear santa,

size 8, thanks.


Friday, November 20, 2009

things i want RIGHT now - part 8

from top left

topshop lace coat $400 - the lace and the structure... A-mazing.
louis vuitton leopard scarf $715- yes, this is not new, and yes this color is sort of purple.
flower chandelier $580 - so not me... but i am strangely drawn to it.
thin diamond band - perfectly delicate
dolce vita studded oxfords $150 - i had to have something studded on here
wildfox couture tee $77 - i 100% agree with that statement :)
sass & bide take a bow leggings $170 - UNREAL - you know who you are I NEED THESE... thanks W
anya hindmarch glitter clutch $425 - of course it is already sold out.

source:netaporter,gardenhouse,bloomingdales,topshop,louis vuitton, sass&bide, chickdowntown

spotted: richardphillips at intermix

richard phillips has teamed up with intermix... weird, i know. but also amazing.
so apparently the limited edition prints ($250) are only available at the soho intermix store :(
might have to have my sister go get one for me!

see you can finally have an amazing apartment like serena van der woodsen... or at least 1 step closer.


ohhh miss monica

love it when i get to see personal candids of stylista monica rose... ummm i totes spy the alexander wang diego bucket bag. i am SO j.


my 2nd favorite stella

stella mccartney for gap kids was so successful she is teaming up with them again to create a 2nd collection for the kiddies (and some very tiny women)

my sister bought a very cute shirt from the 1st collection... i am all over the XXL for the 2nd collection due to debut march 2010


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


umm whose coming with me??

alexander wang making a personal appearance at barneys in chicago this saturday from 2pm-4pm


flaunt it

love this pic of r. bil's in flaunt mag


hand details

do you think i would be mocked if i wore those lace gloves? she pulls them off perfectly.

she is rocking the chanel nail polish.


Monday, November 9, 2009


she may still be young, but i think lourdes is one to watch... she definetly has her own style.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

r. zoe's house... i die, it is beyond bananas.

umm fendi chairs? yes please.


what came first...

the topshop or the velvet angels??

my friend has the velvet angel ones, and i must say they are amaz. but the topshop ones are also very cute... but i have to wonder who copied who?


fueling my addiction

topshop does nothing but fuel my addiction for jackets...


get in my closet

is it me or has dolce vita been unreal lately?? legit obsessed with all of these shoes... and with their amazing price points i dont see why not! :)