Tuesday, October 6, 2009

things i want right now - part 7

from top left

pamela love claw cuff $1,160 - who doesn't need another gold cuff? and this one is so bad ass
preen line tee $375 - love the cut
mulberry clutch $795 - this color is perfection
velvet drape dress $160 - not the best color for me... but i love the draping
candy corn - only once a year
pella moda boots $296 - i dont want... i NEED
elizabeth and james coat $790 - ummm the vest is removable... perfection

source:lagarconne,topshop,netaporter,shopbop,mulberry, 25park

1 comment:

  1. part 7 is where its at!...in a perfect world those boots would fit my calves annnnd that candy corn wouldn't add any more girth to them either!!! Please buy the leopard dress, thanks!