Saturday, September 5, 2009

things i want RIGHT now - part 5

from top left

elizabeth & james new romantic shirt ($295) - would for sure need to be edged up something leather
karen walker 'shes cracked dress' ($184) - looks ridiculously comfortable
smythe equestrian jacket ($630) - tried this on recently, to die, the leather detailing is sick
shopbop custom denim ($208) - i heart lace detailing on anything
benjamin eye wear sunglasses ($325) - could i try and legitimize buying these because i mean... i don't have any sunnies in that color
ICE COLD water bottle - chicago weather changes without warning and i am sweating my ass of today
camilla skovgaard over the knee boots ($805) - 2nd post about these boots, wedges just make life easier for me
ringelectic turquoise ring ($130) - morgan w/o giant rings is like brad (RZ) w/o bow ties. it just doesn't work
something else top ($70) - i need more tops. 
bijoux heart mesh cuff ($605) - who wouldn't want this?
mini eggs - there is nothing better than mini eggs and easter is still like 8 months away 
velvet angel booties ($480) - these are amaz and i need tan shoes! 


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  1. Ring...Tommy?

    Mini eggs, We can probably order them online right now if you want?