Monday, July 13, 2009


like i said, i love finding new jewelry lines.. i have already made my first of many purchases from this amazingly innovative jewelry company.

a(r)mor was launched in 2009 by designer Sandee Shin. every piece is hand crafted and made to order, making this line even more special.

from left: lupa, miko, and rei

from left: toro, sasha, and jade

i bought the "toro" which i constantly wear over white tees, it makes any outfit. i always say that accessories are the perfect and most affordable way to change up any outfit (a(r)mor is so reasonable ranging from $95-$200), these amazing pieces by a(r)mor are sure to bring your wardrobe to a whole new level. my next purchase is definitely going to be the "rei"

buy a(r)mor here on etsy and view a(r)mor's site here!


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